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Does Drug Rehabilitation Really Treat Addiction?

Evidently, the opposite of drug rehabilitation is cold turkey. Chilly turkey is mainly practiced with home solutions. Chilly turkey only focuses on ceasing the use of drugs by yourself. It is characterised by the exercise of an personal who makes an attempt to quit his drug use suddenly with natural or non-health care solutions. Alcohol… Read More »

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Effective Herbal Remedies To Treat Acne, Pimples Naturally

Acne is a common skin disorder found among teenagers of both sex. This disease of hair follicles on skin surface mainly affects face, back and chest parts of body. Some among the common acne troubles reported by teenagers include blackheads, pimples, cysts and pustules. At present, you can find lots of products in market for… Read More »

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How To Treat Fatty Liver Naturally with Ayurvedic Herbs?

by Dr Vikram Chauhan How To Treat Fatty Liver Naturally with Ayurvedic Herbs? What is Normal Liver? One of the main functional organs of the human body is liver. It helps in digesting supplements of our body like proteins, fat, maintains the composition of blood, regulates hormones and stores important vitamins as well as minerals… Read More »

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