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Are Crypto Taxes Giving You A Headache? Keep These Tips In Mind To Make Next Year Go Smoother – Forbes

For many cryptocurrency investors, getting ready to file taxes is nothing short of a nightmare. It’s not unusual to hear from crypto investors who have to spend a hundred hours or more tracking down records of their crypto trades, mining pool payouts, and  miscellaneous transactions.  Many also ended up unexpectedly owing thousands of dollars in tax,… Read More »

Schedule Your Next Doctor’s Appointment Online – Primary Care

In the digital age that we live in, it can be pleasantly surprising the tasks you can accomplish online – shopping, banking, reading the news and keeping up with friends and family. Scheduling your doctor’s appointment is no exception! Available now, we are pleased to bring you online scheduling for all of Mission Health’s primary… Read More »

CRISPR Gene Editing Fixes Muscular Dystrophy in Dogs. Are Humans Next?

The powerful gene editing technology CRISPR is one small step closer to treating a human disease. In a new paper published in Science, researchers led by Eric Olson, professor and chair of molecular biology at UT Southwestern Medical Center, reported that he and his team successfully used CRISPR to correct the genetic defect responsible for… Read More »