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The New Old Age: Hospitals Stopped Readmitting So Many Medicare Patients. Did That Cost Lives?

ImageCreditCraig Frazier It was a well-intended policy. Almost all parties agree on that much. A decade ago, when Medicare beneficiaries were discharged from hospitals, one in five returned within a month. Older people faced the risks of hospitalization all over again: infections, deconditioning, delirium, subsequent nursing home stays. And preventable readmissions were costing Medicare a… Read More »

Does CAP Antibiotic Prescribing Differ in Children's vs Non-Children's Hospitals?

January 16, 2019 Share this content: At both types of hospitals the trajectory of guideline-concordant antibiotic prescribing changed following the release of the pediatric CAP guidelines in 2011. Although guideline-concordant antibiotic prescribing in pediatric patients with community-acquired pneumonia (CAP) has increased in both children’s and non-children’s hospitals, prescribing trends in non-children’s hospitals appear to be… Read More »

How Helping Patients Get Good Care At Home Helps Rural Hospitals Survive

Rural hospitals close when they don’t have enough paying patients to care for, but they’re also dinged when the same patients show up over and over again. That puts outlying medical facilities in the precarious position of needing to avoid repeat customers. Charlotte Potts is the type of patient some hospitals try to avoid. She… Read More »