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What Does a Medical Nihilist Do When He Gets Sick? – Scientific American

In my recent column “Is Medicine Overrated?,” I review Medical Nihilism, a blistering critique of medical research and practice. Author Jacob Stegenga, a philosopher at the University of Cambridge, argues that we should “have little confidence in medical interventions” because most do not work very well.Moreover, clinical trials tend to overstate the benefits and understate the risks of… Read More »

UK woman gets 8 months in jail for making daughter receive treatment for nonexistent epilepsy

A woman in the United Kingdom was given eight months of prison for willfully ill-treating her child after fooling the doctors for years that her daughter was suffering from a non-existing illness. The woman from the Lancashire county of Blackpool, whose name was withheld due to ongoing legal proceedings, lied for four years that her… Read More »

Lin-Manuel Miranda Gets the Job Done

This month, Lin-Manuel Miranda will don his frock coat, tie back his ponytail, and take the stage as “10-dollar Founding Father” Alexander Hamilton for the first time in nearly 3 years (the composer-actor left the original cast of the Broadway juggernaut Hamilton shortly after the show swept the Tonys in June 2016). Hamilton will have… Read More »