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Super Bowl 2019: Tom Brady’s diet book makes some strange health claims – Vox.com

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, winner of five Super Bowls, is one of the greatest athletes of all time. He’s also a peddler of baseless health claims, including in his 2017 exercise and diet book, The TB12 Method. The book details Brady’s 12 principles for “sustained peak performance,” which he says will keep him… Read More »

Chinese Scientist Claims to Use Crispr to Make First Genetically Edited Babies

Ever since scientists created the powerful gene editing technique Crispr, they have braced apprehensively for the day when it would be used to create a genetically altered human being. Many nations banned such work, fearing it could be misused to alter everything from eye color to I.Q. Now, the moment they feared may have come.… Read More »

Trump's chief-of-staff calls him 'idiot', book claims

Donald Trump’s chief-of-staff, General John Kelly, has repeatedly referred to the US president as an “idiot”, it has been claimed. The assertion is made in the latest book on the inner workings of the current White House, which paints an unflattering picture of the president’s relationship with members of his administration. It is also said… Read More »